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  • Why letting go of control​ is the answer to freeing yourself.
  •  Discover the most effective method to lasting weight change.
  •  How to define and live by your own winning formula
  •  How to have certainty and clarity on what you really want. 
  •  Why getting excited about your life ​is a vital part of your success.
  •  The secrets to developing a strong personal foundation.
  •  How to completely change your relationship with food so that it no longer feels as though it is your enemy.
  •  How to master resilience, in every area of your life.
  •  How to respect and appreciate your body.
  •  What the real difference is between controlled and easy maintenance of your body shape.
  •  How to deal with what comes up for you when you put the food down.
  •  How to learn healthy boundaries and no longer tolerate the intolerable.
  •  What it feels like to have so many extra hours in your week that would once be taken up by overeating or obsessing about food.
  •  How to professionally succeed without sacrificing your health.
  •  Why finding meaning and purpose beyond the food is crucial to your long term success.
  • Why mastering your emotional state will get you back on track every single time.
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why am i An Expert In overcoming food and weight issues?

I’m Tanya Unkovich, a world-leading transformation specialist who works closely with people who are struggling with weight and food issues, or to move forward in life after a major event. It is often during adversity that weight issues and addictions either return, or worsen. 

I help my clients escape their prison of darkness that is created when you are stuck in self-destructive patterns. Whether it be yo-yo dieting, binging or other issues that stem from this, such as overspending or unhealthy relationships.

With over 30 plus years of experience, I’m honored to have changed countless lives in this area of finding freedom and moving forward with life. As a published author, executive coach and mentor, the co-host of Hour of Power, a media expert, and the first Tony Robbins Coach in New Zealand, I have listened to many stories.

But, it’s my personal experience with food issues, adversity, and grief that have prepared me most for this work.

When I lost my husband, Phil, I thought my life was over. His 5 month journey with cancer was one of the most difficult times of my life. In spite of many years of healing in this area, once again the food and obsessive issues returned.

However, throughout my life, I found powerful tools that healed this major life issue, helped me face my problems head on, strengthened my faith, awakened my resilience, and reignited my joy.

Now, I’ve made it my life’s mission to assist those stuck in life, particularly food issues, addiction and adversity, to help them with the same tools that transformed my pain into hope and fulfilment.

My clients don’t want this problem with their weight or food issues to overshadow their lives. They want to live every moment with radiating joy, peace and excitment for the future.

They want to celebrate life and themselves, and fully embrace what is ahead for them. They want to be free of this problem, learn to laugh and live again.

That’s how we’ll free you from this problem, to discover your own greatness– whatever Greatness means to you– and fulfil your extraordinary potential.

And there’s nothing I’d love more than helping you do just that.


Your copy of
"F*ck the Food, the ladies' guide to letting go",
will be delivered to your doorstep, all for a one-time charge of $24.97 USD. (includes shipping.)

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