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speaker and executive mentor

who serves a global clientele of people who are going through, or been through major adversity. Tanya helps people master the art of resilience in every area of their lives: physically, emotional, spiritual, professional and in their relationships. 

Due to her own journey she has a special skill in speaking about grief, the amount of grief that is currently in the world, and also about the gift of walking beside someone who is in the final stages of their life.  

With vast experience ranging 40 years from being a financial consultant and mentor, to being Tony Robbins’ first Coach in New Zealand, her expertise, both professionally and life experience, offers clients a groundbreaking skillset that she leverages into proven, life-changing results.

Tanya is dedicated to making a real difference in the lives of others by helping them transform pain into a life of fulfilment. She is also a published author, with her third book in the publishing process, is a regular writer for magazines and is a regular writer and contributor to radio, inspiring thousands of people to live their lives to fullest.

A media expert, Tanya has been featured in several prestigious outlets. She starred in a Verve Magazine cover story and has appeared in NZ Business, Medjugore Magazine, and numerous Christian publications worldwide. 

She was the first New Zealander to ever be interviewed by Dr Robert Schuller at the Crystal Cathedral in California, and then went on to be the co-host of Hour of Power in New Zealand. She is a regular guest on Magic Talk Radio, Life FM in Melbourne and is a regular weekly contributor to Rhema Media, New Zealand’s main Christian Radio Network.

Entirely focused on her life’s work, her bespoke mentoring and coaching helps people from all walks of life— to release their fear, move forward with meaning and purpose, and build a meaningful legacy they’re proud to leave.

A master at transformation, Tanya’s powerful tools enable her clients to triumph over adversity, become the best version of themselves possible, and turn their lives into a living masterpiece.

“It’s a pleasure to listen to Tanya Unkovich speak. She is no stranger to adversity. She has experienced it, written about it and speaks about it passionately and with conviction. In her message Tanya shares the easy strategies she uses, and shares with her clients, on how to come back even stronger after adversity. It’s powerful stuff and I highly recommend Tanya.”

~ Linda Wells. Speaker, Trainer, Consultant.


Tanya is a regular on radio stations in New Zealand and Australia and has had many appearances on television in New Zealand and the United States.

It is her life experience which makes her an expert on how to come back even stronger after adversity.



You CAN Overcome Adversity:

Why the Greatest Chapter of your Life is NOW and How to Make It Happen.

Going from Grief to Greatness.
The tools to find Meaning, Joy and Peace after Loss has devastated your world.

The Five Steps to Overcoming Addiction.
The easy steps to make a decision for change, and stick to it, no matter how tough the road.

Facing your Unplanned Journey
How to Overcome Darkness, Find Purpose, Experience Joy and create a Shining Legacy during the End Stage of Life. 

Will You Ever Love Again? 
The Secrets To Loving again Later in Life.


Tanya speaks to teams on how to master resilience in life.

Physical Resilience – Mastering your body and health.

Emotional Mastery – having a rock solid self-confidence and personal foundation.

Quality Relationships – learning how to be in a lasting, fulfilling relationship.

Professional Resilience – clarity, certainty and success in your professional life.

Meaning and Purpose – knowing your why and having a legacy.

Tanya has a very engaging personality and is able to involve everyone in the room which resulting in positive outcomes from every session.

With a professional background as a personal coach, public speaker and regular radio presenter, Tanya was able to cover such subjects as: Seeking what Passions drive you, Reaching your Goals, Overcoming Obstacles, How to connect, and Growing your business.

These topics are imperative to all companies or individuals who are looking to improve their own situation. We can certainly recommend Tanya as a lead speaker/coach for any function you are planning.

Our associates increased their confidence from 0-5 at the outset to 8-10+.  The results speak for themselves.

Chris Gregory – Mannatech Australasia


Tanya Unkovich was the first New Zealander invited to be interviewed by Dr. Robert Schuller in California.


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