Triumph Over The Unbearable And Turn Your Grief Into Greatness

You CAN find hope and meaning again.
Discover how a transformational breakthrough will reignite your joy after a devastating loss.

Losing A Loved One Can Feel Like Your Life Has Ended Too.

Imagine instead, waking up after this terrible loss with:

  • Meaning and purpose that mends your heart and lights up your soul
  • Resilience that softens your pain and inspires you to rebuild a life you love
  • Spiritual fulfillment, hope for the future, and excitement to experience the beauty of life
  • Grace, dignity and confidence to be the magnificent, miraculous YOU
  • Peace
Tanya Unkovich
“Week after week working with Tanya, I could not believe that I was so blessed to have found her and her uncanny ability to somehow know exactly what I needed. While doing the weekly program, I finally didn’t feel alone in my struggles or like it ‘must just be me.’ She really understood, she got it!”

Loss And Grief Don’t Have To Define You. It Can Propel You To New Heights Of

Joy And Hope

Life as you know it imploded. And you’re still here, left alone in your grief.

When the love of your life, a beloved family member, or friend passes on, nothing seems to make sense. The pieces of your life surround you, but you don’t know how to pick them up.

And you don’t really want to. Whether you were there by their side through a long, terminal illness or they left this world unexpectedly, you just want them back. Just one more moment together.

It’s almost impossible to even consider the finality of this loss.

Perhaps you’ve been given books about grieving by well-meaning friends. Maybe you’ve tried to distract yourself with work, alcohol or food. Or maybe, you’ve moved past the unbearable pain and feel nothing but numb.

No matter how you’re navigating this difficult transition, you feel shaken. Angry. Broken and lost. You might even feel guilty that you’re still here.

The worst part is that no one seems to understand the depths of your pain. Or how meaningless life feels now.

People just want you to get back to your happy, healthy self, offering platitudes like, “time heals all wounds” or “everything happens for a reason.”

But this can’t be ‘fixed’. Time can’t be rewound.

You’re tired, emotionally spent, and aching to feel anything but grief once again.

I understand. I went through the same hardship when my husband passed away from cancer. I thought my life was over, but I triumphed over adversity and learned how to turn my grief into Greatness.

Now, I assist people like you, helping them rediscover joy, hope and peace after a loss upends your world:


from grief

To Greatness

This personalised coaching experience which incorporates my proven tools and strategies to gently heal, move forward with grace, and infuse your life with joy and hope.

Unlike any other resource available, this program personally guides you through an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, healing, forgiveness and self-love, so your grief fades, you reach your potential, and bring peace, and your Greatness to life.

As your Legacy Advisor and Transformation Specialist, I’ll be your

mentor, ally and confidante

so you no longer walk this path alone.

Tanya Unkovich Grief and Addiction Expert

You’ll have a trained professional with powerful personal experience in overcoming grief by your side so you’ll:

  • Have personal, compassionate support that helps you overcome grief step-by-step and celebrate the love you lost
  • Transform grief, pain and anger into calm, contentment and peace
  • Overcome self destructive behaviours such as binge eating and drinking
  • Experience new meaning and purpose that fills you with hope for the future
  • Live life on your own terms, tap into your authentic self, and create a legacy you’re proud to share
Tanya Unkovich

“When Tanya says, ‘Make the worst day of your life into the best day of your life!’ these aren’t the words of a half-glass full woman; these come from a ‘spilling over the brim, grab life by the throat, I’m going to make the absolute most of everyday’ kind of person.”

Verve Magazine, Editorial Feature

A Customized Program Designed To Dissolve Your Unique Pain

Grief is like a fingerprint-- we all grieve in our own way. However, we can easily become stuck in that pain.

This bespoke program is entirely personalized to help you navigate, process and heal from your unique grief. Together, we’ll work closely so you:

  • Have an immediate support companion and confidant to navigate and heal intensive grieving
  • Recover by learning how live fully after loss with mentoring in self-care
  • Overcome self defeating behaviours such as overeating and drinking.
  • Trust your intuition, find your authentic self, and develop the confidence to be truly YOU
  • Know exactly what you want for your future and receive support to make it happen
  • Achieve life mastery through resilience in every part of life: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, professional, relationships and more
  • Safely learn how to love again later in life
  • Experience new meaning in life and purpose that brings abundant joy, hope and inner-peace that lasts
Tanya Unkovich
“If Tanya and I had not been working together, I think I would have fallen apart. Instead, I used the tools that I had learned from her and drew strength from our conversations over several weeks and I did not fall apart!”

How Am I An Expert In Triumphing Over Grief?

I’m Tanya Unkovich, a world-leading transformation specialist and Legacy Advisor who works closely with widows, widowers, and people entering the last stage of their lives— transforming their grief into Greatness.

I help my clients escape their prison of darkness, move forward with dignity, and enjoy a new life of abundant peace, purpose, joy and contentment.

With 16-years of experience, I’m honored to have changed countless lives as the published author of the Unplanned Journey: A Triumph In Life And Death + Companion Workbook, the co-host of Hour of Power, a media expert, and the first Tony Robbins Coach in New Zealand.

But, it’s my personal experience with grief and loss that have prepared me most for this work.

When I lost my husband, Phil, I thought my life was over. His 5 month journey with cancer was one of the most difficult times of my life.

However, through that journey, I found powerful tools that healed my grief, strengthened my faith, awakened my resilience, and reignited my joy.

Now, I’ve made it my life’s mission to assist the grieving and those facing their mortality with the same tools that transformed my pain into peaceful fulfillment.

My clients don’t want their grief to overshadow their lives. They want to live every moment with radiating joy, peace and excitment for the future.

They want to celebrate the life of their loved one, surrender to Spirit, and fully embrace the beauty of life. Above all, they want to laugh again. Live again. Feel alive again.

That’s how we’ll turn your grief into Greatness– whatever Greatness means to you– and fulfill your extraordinary potential.

And there’s nothing I’d love more than helping you do just that.

The Truest Measures of Success are the Lives We Touch With Our Stories . . .

Tanya Unkovich
“Tanya came to me at a time in my life with great uncertainty among other things. I did the work and week after week and looked forward to our Skype sessions. Her wisdom, kinds words, brutal honesty, and exceptional ability to listen were something I came to rely on. Honestly, she is a rock star!”
Tanya Unkovich
“After losing my father to cancer in June, we found out that my sister also had an aggressive cancer that took her life 5 months later in May 2008. Five months . . . The same period of time that you traveled that path with Phil battling his cancer. I read your account of that journey with Phil and cried unashamedly through a lot of it. I really felt your love for each other and the strength of your belief in God to help you through. I think you did a marvellous job as his wife, caregiver and support person. I have found the ongoing entries you’ve made in your journal since Phil’s passing to be particularly helpful as I have so often struggled too on the up and down see-saw of emotions that grief and loss create with us.”
Karen L.
Tanya Unkovich
“I started reading your book at 10 p.m. one night last week and finished it at 2 in the morning. As much as your and Phil’s story moved me, it was learning more about you as a person that has stayed with me. Your journey through your body disorder has left a lasting impression on me and made me look at my own hangs ups. I have always looked at you and seen a beautiful, talented woman with everything. To hear where you have come from makes me believe I can get there too.”

You Can Weather This Storm And Rebuild

A Life You Love

As a personal mentor, I’ve been a rock-steady anchor for men and women navigating the ocean of grief. I’ve not only helped them move forward, but also recreate a life that’s exuberantly fulfilling.

I’d be honored to help you experience this same life-changing breakthrough.

Together, we can open the pathway to boundless joy and inner-peace.

We can get through this tempest together, and set your sails on a purpose-driven journey of exhilaration, hope and overflowing self-love.

You don’t have to struggle with a loss this devastating on your own. Powerful support is here, when you’re ready to receive it.

And when you are, I’ll be here, welcoming you with open arms– prepared to help you mend your heart, move forward gracefully, and live every moment to its absolute fullest. 

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