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as a leading personal mentor and coach,  I work closely with people who have been through a major adversity in their lives, or are possibly going through it right now. 

Due to my own journey, I am also an expert in addictions, specifically people who struggle to manage their weight, and are stuck in the cycle of craziness that comes with it. Not to mention the fact it is now affecting their health. These issues often get worse, or return, when we are faced with a major life event. 

It is because of my own unplanned journey, that I also work closely with widows, widowers, and people entering the last stage of their lives, transforming their grief into greatness.

No matter what you are facing right now, my clients are ready to live every moment to the fullest. Whether are simply stuck in life, or they have days, months or years left,  they choose clarity and purpose, over pain and suffering.

Though some are facing life’s most difficult transitions, my clients refuse to live another moment without hope, peace and joyful purpose.

Together, we clarify their greatness, whatever that means to them, and bring it to life. Fear dissolves, hearts mend, and together we create a beautiful legacy they’re proud to live, and in some cases, eventually leave behind.

No matter what you have recently experienced, or are still going through, my approach is entirely bespoke for every client, so it is just you and I, working together on whatever it is you present to me. 

With my own 40 year apprenticeship of life experiences and personal development, my methods ignite life-changing breakthroughs that transform anxiety, anger and hurt into joy, calm, and contentment.

My tools and strategies will help you heal, find clarity and meaning in life, and welcome joy back into your life. We’ll dance with the heartbreak, learn to move past it, and begin a purpose-driven journey that turns pain into peaceful fulfilment, and grief in to greatness.


Tanya Unkovich
“Tanya came to me at a time in my life with great uncertainty among other things. I did the work and week after week and looked forward to our Skype sessions. Her wisdom, kind words, brutal honesty, and exceptional ability to listen were something I came to rely on. Honestly, she’s a rock star! “

How We Can Work Together


food freedom

Whether you have faced a major life adversity or not, many people find themselves stuck in personal horror of major weight issues. Not only does it affect your health, your self worth, but it affects every other area of your life.

Obsessively dieting, overeating and having weight issues keeps you stuck in guilt and shame, and isolated from your loved ones, and life.

My journey with food and internal suffering began when I was a teenager. It has been a very long process of healing, each decade bringing something new. Interestingly it returned again after my husbands death, hence, another chapter of healing began. 

If you are struggling in this area as well, I invite you to believe that there is healing from this pain. I have done it. I invite you also decide for you, and it will be my honour to walk beside you as you finally set yourself free.

From Grief to


Many widows, widowers and loved ones find themselves trapped in the darkness of grief with no way out. They feel guilty. Angry. Lost.

Having been through this experience, and coming out the other side stronger and brighter, I’ve discovered powerful tools that heal grief, awaken resilience, and reignite your joy for life.

I have known what it is like to be stuck in life, and I also know what it is like to come out the other side.

Whether you’re using destructive coping mechanisms to get through the day, emotionally devastated, or find yourself numb and on auto-pilot, I’ll help you mend your heart and light up your soul so life becomes truly fulfilling.



“I want to move forward with my life again however I don’t even know what that looks like, nor do I know where to even start!”

I hear this a lot, and if you are wondering, yes, it is possible to come back even stronger when life has knocked you back. 

It is possible to be once again have clarity on where you are going in life, personally and professionally, no matter what hand life has dealt you.

At 40, I had to find meaning and purpose in my life again. I had to dig deep to discover who I was in the world and why I was here. 

The journey has been long and painful, however, I also know what it is like to come out the other side.

No matter what is stopping you from moving forward, I will walk beside you as you say now say YES to life.

loving again

later in life

Whether you have been widowed, or perhaps are single after the end of your relationship and you are ready for love again, then this is the place for you.  

Learning to love again later in life is quite a journey, one that begins with you.

My journey of dating again later in life after my husband passed away was, well, interesting one might say. I learned A LOT, however, what I learned the most was what I needed in a relationship and how to break the unhealthy patterns I had most of my life when it came to love.

No matter what is stopping you from moving forward with love, or perhaps you just keep repeating that same pattern, I will walk beside you as you take that amazing journey within and finally invite the right life partner in.

your Unplanned Journey

The Unplanned Journey is carefully designed for people who have been given a life altering diagnosis, or, are facing the end stage of their lives and want to live their life with abundant joy and purpose.

Using a groundbreaking approach based on transformational methodology and personal experience, clients are guided through an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, healing, forgiveness, and inner-peace— so you move forward feeling fulfilled and without regrets or fear.

Tanya Unkovich

“As our time together was nearing the end, I had some bad news that I was sort of expecting. If she and I had not been working together, I think I would have fallen apart.
Instead, I used the tools that I had learned from Tanya and drew strength from our conversations over several weeks and I did not fall apart!”

~ Charleen

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