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I work directly with people who have been through major adversity in their lives, or they are going through it right now and they need to get beyond it and move forward. Many are also ready for love again.

I also work with individuals who may have lost a loved one and they are still stuck in life and struggling to move forward.  I also work with people facing a life altering diagnosis, or perhaps are at the end-stage of their lives, who want to rediscover joy, purpose and peaceful fulfilment— no matter how much time they have left on this Earth.

Many who are suffering from food or alcohol issues are covering up deep pain. I know the journey, however, I also know how good life is beyond it, hence my program on Food Freedom. 

Working with me is not for the faint hearted hence I invite you to only reach out if you are now at the stage in your life where change is an absolute must!

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