Make This Chapter The Greatest Of Your Life

Discover The Joy, Hope, And Peace Of Embracing Your Unplanned Journey

Many people’s lives end as soon as they hear a diagnosis.

Imagine instead:

Dissolving anxiety and fear, and living your days with spiritual fulfilment, meaning and purpose

Completing everything you want and need to so you can live with hope, comfort and without regrets

Surrendering to the grace of Spirit and celebrating every moment with overflowing joy, gratitude and peace

Tanya Unkovich

“Week after week working with Tanya, I could not believe that I was so
blessed to have found her and her uncanny ability to somehow know exactly what I needed. While doing the weekly program, I finally didn’t feel alone in my struggles or like it ‘must just be me.’ She really understood, she got it!”

This Stage Of Life Doesn’t Have To Be About Dying. It Can Be Your Greatest Act Of

A Life Lived Well

You’ve been told your illness is terminal; to go home and get your affairs in order.

But no one tells you how to process the emotions— the anger, the fear, the grief— that comes from hearing those life-shattering words.

How do you do this? How do you navigate this emotional rollercoaster so you feel brave, safe and content?

No one prepares you for this. No one teaches what to really do next. And confiding in your loved ones about it only leaves them broken and upset.

Worst of all, the world seems to go on around you, not realizing that your world has fractured to bits.

There’s so much you still haven’t done. People you haven’t reconciled with. Places you haven’t seen. Experiences you’ve been putting off for years. And now, you might never get to, and you’re overwhelmed with regrets.

You don’t want this stage of your life to be consumed with fear, regret and pain. A part of you still wants to live in hope and never give up!

You want to feel calm, hopeful and at peace. To know that nothing was left unsaid, and all you’ve ever wanted to achieve was done. Still, without giving up hope.

You want to LIVE. And if this is your unplanned journey, then to take your last breaths knowing you lived this final act on your own terms, honoring your own wishes, and living life to its absolute fullest.

Most of all, you want to know your life mattered— that you’re leaving a meaningful legacy behind that shines for generations.

I can assist you by continuing to live fully and if this is your final act— your Unplanned Journey to the beyond— into the greatest chapter of your life:


The Unplanned Journey

This revolutionary premium program incorporates my proven tools and strategies for finding joy, hope and inner-peace when facing this difficult stage of life.

Unlike any other resource available, this program personally guides you through a spectacular journey of self-discovery, healing, forgiveness and peace, all in a space of welcoming and acceptance.

As your Legacy Advisor and Transformation Specialist, I’ll be your

mentor, ally and confidante

so you no longer walk this path alone.

Tanya Unkovich Grief Expert image. Transformational Life Coach

You’ll have a trained professional with powerful personal experience in overcoming adversity by your side so you’ll:

  • Have personal, compassionate support that eases your pain and your family’s sorrow
  • Transform fear and anxiety into calm, comfort, contentment and peace
  • Experience meaning, purpose and an expansive joy that fills you with hope for life beyond this one
  • Get help with the practical handover of your affairs to family, if necessary.
  • Live life on your own terms, tap into your authentic self, and create a legacy you’re proud to leave behind.
Tanya Unkovich

“It’s fair to say that I’m a pretty hard, old guy whose life experiences have made me emotionless and self contained. It was such a surprise then that as I listened and watched your story, to find myself in tears. I admit to being very confused at the dichotomy of emotions; complete and utter grief for your loss, mixed with admiration for the life, values and strengths you have today. Tanya, without a doubt you are one of the most courageous and inspiring individuals to come into my life.”

Brian H.


You're not defined by your diagnosis. However, it can be difficult to separate your life from the difficulty you're facing.

This bespoke program is entirely customised for you so you will live your life on your own terms. together, we'll work closely to:

  • Process your diagnosis so you surrender and let go of emotions like anger, fear, and bitterness.
  • Find real meaning, purpose & spiritual awakening in this chapter of your life.
  • Heal emotional wounds and pain so you’re filled with comfort and calm.
  • Complete your deepest wishes so you create a meaningful legacy, and if applicable, leaving this world with no regrets.
  • Accept your reality and let go of negativity so you to live every moment with joy and passion.
  • If appropriate, to design your End of Life Celebration so you’re remembered fondly, loved fiercely, and become a light in this world that shines for family, friends, and the rest of the world.

Plus, A Legacy You’ll Be Proud To Share

Discover The Joy, Hope, And Peace Of Embracing Your Unplanned Journey

The Book of Me

You CAN be a miracle in this world— one that touches hearts and blazes bright while you’re here and long after you’re gone.

The Book Of Me is an add-on service to the Unplanned Journey Program that immortalizes your remarkable journey on this Earth. Inside, your story, and all its invaluable lessons, are preserved for all time.

By chronicling your hopes, triumphs, struggles, and relationships, your legacy is born and becomes an inspiration.

You become the North Star that guides others on their own journeys, filling your life with purpose and peace.

Here’s How We’ll Bring

Your Story To Life

Committed to delivering exceptional results, I will work with you to write a short book about your life that becomes a masterpiece.

Together we’ll create an heirloom that dives into your truth, your soul, your very essence, so not a drop of your legacy is lost.

Whether you choose to keep it for yourself, give it to your family, or publish it to share with the world, this is YOUR story.

You control the process from start-to-finish, so you’re remembered and celebrated exactly the way you wish.

Tanya Unkovich

“I would highly recommend Tanya Unkovich to all who experience crises in their life or a difficult life transition, or to those who know that there is more to life, but don’t quite know how to get there.”


How Am I An Expert In These Difficult Times?

I’m Tanya Unkovich, a world-leading transformation specialist and Legacy Advisor who works closely with widows, widowers, and people entering the last stage of their lives— transforming their grief into Greatness.

I help my clients escape their prison of darkness, move forward with grace, and live a legacy of abundant peace, purpose, joy and contentment.

With 16-years of experience, I’m honored to have changed countless lives as the published author of the Unplanned Journey: A Triumph In Life And Death + Companion Workbook, the co-host of Hour of Power, a media expert, and the first Tony Robbins Coach in New Zealand.

But, it’s my personal experience with grief and loss that have prepared me most for this work.

When I lost my husband, Phil, I thought my life was over. His 5 month journey with cancer was one of the most difficult times of my life.

However, through that journey, I found powerful tools that healed my grief, strengthened my faith, awakened my resilience, and reignited my joy.

Now, I’ve made it my life’s mission to assist the grieving and those facing their mortality with the same tools that transformed my pain into peaceful fulfillment.

My clients don’t want their last act to be full of fear, anger and regrets. They want to live every moment radiating joy and peace.

They want to LIVE. And live well with every breath they have left. That’s how we turn fear into dignity, anxiety into hope, and grief into Greatness.

And there’s nothing I’d love more than helping you do just that.

The Truest Measures of Success are the Lives We Touch With Our Stories . . .

Tanya Unkovich
“Tanya came to me at a time in my life with great uncertainty among other things. I did the work and week after week and looked forward to our Skype sessions. Her wisdom, kinds words, brutal honesty, and exceptional ability to listen were something I came to rely on. Honestly, she is a rock star!”
Tanya Unkovich
“After losing my father to cancer in June, we found out that my sister also had an aggressive cancer that took her life 5 months later in May 2008. Five months . . . The same period of time that you traveled that path with Phil battling his cancer. I read your account of that journey with Phil and cried unashamedly through a lot of it. I really felt your love for each other and the strength of your belief in God to help you through. I think you did a marvellous job as his wife, caregiver and support person. I have found the ongoing entries you’ve made in your journal since Phil’s passing to be particularly helpful as I have so often struggled too on the up and down see-saw of emotions that grief and loss create with us.”
Karen L.
Tanya Unkovich
“I started reading your book at 10 p.m. one night last week and finished it at 2 in the morning. As much as your and Phil’s story moved me, it was learning more about you as a person that has stayed with me. Your journey through your body disorder has left a lasting impression on me and made me look at my own hangs ups. I have always looked at you and seen a beautiful, talented woman with everything. To hear where you have come from makes me believe I can get there too.”
Tanya Unkovich
“I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your book Unplanned Journey. I came across it at our bible book store shortly after my husband was diagnosed with Leukemia (AML). We are in our early 40’s with 4 children ages 9 to 14. It’s been a tough battle for us . . . We know that Jim will be healed in heaven if not on earth, but walking the path is so hard. I appreciated you sharing your emotions . . . It gave me permission to let mine out as well and not be afraid to feel. It’s good to see how well you are doing. It gives me hope that things can look brighter for us some day as well.”


Joy, Hope, And Overflowing

Peace Awaits...

As a Legacy Advisor and transformational specialist, I’ve helped countless men and women soften fear and make the most of every day as they navigate their time here on Earth.

I’d be honored to help you as well.
Together, we can open the doors to abundant joy and inner-peace.

We can write this chapter of your life as a purpose-driven journey of exhilaration, hope and radiant inspiration.

You can hold your head up high, rise up, and become a light in this world,

And you’ll know, without a shadow of doubt, that your life was one worth living.

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