Dying with Peace, Dignity And Grace

Tanya Unkovich Grief Expert image. Transformational Life Coach

Living with this uncertainty doesn’t have to be something to fear. With these 4 steps, you’ll live your last moments in the comfort of grace, dignity and inner-peace.

Fear is often the companion of the terminally ill. Living in a society that denies the reality of death, we don’t know how to accept the end of our lives or the lives of our loved ones.

Taking your final breaths without fear is one of the most important gifts we can give ourselves and our loved ones. But what creates a ‘good’ death? What can you do to dissolve anxiety and fear so you pass away with hope and peace?

It begins with acceptance, and knowing your life is complete. 

For me, walking alongside my husband Phil, while he fought a 5-month battle with cancer was one of the most important trials of my life. Holding him through the transition of anguish and self-doubt to tranquility and peace showed me how graceful death can actually be. It taught me that true serenity only comes with a sense of completion.

Unfortunately, this comfort isn’t experienced by everyone. Many people don’t know what a peaceful death looks like, which amplifies emotions like anxiety and dread at the end. 

That’s why clarifying this process is so powerful. Having a clear vision of a serene death— and how to create it for yourself— will allow you to live the rest of your days without fear, on your own terms, and in peaceful fulfillment. 

Here are 4 steps I’ve found through my personal experiences and work with people in the last stage of life that bring calm, joy and expansive inner-peace:

1:  Take a fierce look at your life

Peace comes when we know there’s nothing left unsaid or undone. We feel that life is finished, complete, and we’re ready to discover what lies beyond the horizon.

Achieving this sense of completion starts with taking stock of your life up to this point. What have you accomplished? What have you always wanted to do but put off?

Once you’ve taken a deep, honest look at this list, start reflecting on the people in your life. Have you said everything you wanted to say to your spouse? Your children? Your friends? Do you need forgiveness for something? Or do you need to let go of grudges that have weighed you down for years?

By taking a sincere inventory of your life, you can die knowing you finally LIVED. You can have the experiences you’ve always imagined, make amends where needed, and express your love to those who matter most. Every moment can be infused with beauty, depth and meaning. 

That way, when that last moment arrives, you’ll be free from the burdens and regrets that make this transition painful for so many. With your head held high, you’ll move to the next life with courage, comfort and peace in your heart. 

2: Process the difficult emotions that arise

As you go through this fearless, moral inventory of yourself and your life, you’ll be facing memories and past traumas that hurt your mind, body and soul. 

Many of these injuries may have stopped you from truly living. Accepting this and processing ALL of the emotions that arise are key to passing away peacefully. 

Although this step brings comfort and contentment, it can be an emotional roller coaster. Please reach out to an expert like me, a therapist, pastor or friend who can help you gently move forward as smoothly as possible and experience the joy that awaits you when the roller coaster ends.

3: Show up differently where it matters

After you’ve taken some time to really look at yourself, the person you’ve been, and how you’ve shown up in life, what can you do differently now?

From your relationship with your spouse to developing a closer bond with your children, this is a beautiful opportunity to be the person you’ve always wanted to be. You can finally be YOU without restraint— maybe for the first time in your life!

The freedom and joy that arises when you tap into your authentic self is instrumental in moving on without regrets.

4: Document your life story

Legacies aren’t reserved for celebrities or Nobel Peace Prize winners. No matter who you are, or how you’ve lived, you’ve faced unique challenges— and your hopes, wishes, struggles and triumphs can truly inspire others.

By immortalizing your life in writing, audio, or video, you not only release emotional baggage, but you also create a legacy that lasts. Knowing this, your spirit becomes free as that last breath arrives. For my clients, this contribution also creates a deeper sense of meaning and purpose which unlocks joy in this final stage of life.  

Through your life lessons, family, friends, and the world can learn from your experiences. You become a North Star, guiding future generations with a message that positively impacts their lives long after you’re gone.

Dying With Peace, Dignity And Grace Isn’t Only For You

There’s so much that can be done to clear the path to a graceful passing. By focusing on acceptance and completion, you’ll be filled with hope and peace as the end gets close.

However, it won’t just comfort you; it’ll help your family as well. Seeing you pass away peacefully will greatly soften their journey with grief. Instead of overwhelming pain, they’ll celebrate you with overflowing love, knowing you transitioned with dignity and grace.

What greater gift can you give yourself and those you love?

I can’t think of anything I want more for you, your family and friends. That’s why this is my life’s work, and the reason I’m here to serve. 

Whether you need a loving guide to help you pass away peacefully, want guidance with your final affairs, or need a trusted confidante to help you find meaning and joy during this difficult time, I’d be honored to help. 

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