Tanya Unkovich Grief Expert image. Transformational Life Coach
Tanya Unkovich Grief Expert image. Transformational Life Coach

Tanya Unkovich is a


transformation specialist and legacy advisor

who serves a global clientele of people who are going through, or been through major adversity. Tanya helps widows, widowers, and people entering the last stage of their lives. An expert in transformational breakthroughs, she helps her clients turn grief into Greatness.

With vast experience from computer consulting, to accounting, to being Tony Robbins’ first Coach in New Zealand, her expertise offers clients a groundbreaking skillset that she leverages into proven, life-changing results.

Tanya is dedicated to making a real difference by helping people transform pain into peaceful fulfillment. She is the published author of Unplanned Journey: A Triumph in Life and Death as well as the Unplanned Journey Companion Workbook, inspiring thousands of people to live their lives to fullest— no matter how much time they have left on this Earth.

A media expert, Tanya has been featured in several prestigious outlets. She starred in a Verve Magazine cover story and has appeared in NZ Business, Medjugore Magazine, and numerous Christian publications worldwide. She was the co-host of Hour of Power in New Zealand, is a regular guest on Magic Talk Radio, and is a regular weekly contributor to Rhema Media, New Zealand’s main Christian Radio Network.

Entirely focused on her life’s work, her bespoke mentoring and programs help people facing adversity— either their own or that of a loved one— to release their fear, move forward with grace, and build a meaningful legacy they’re proud to leave.

A master at transformation, Tanya’s powerful tools enable her clients to triumph over adversity, become the best version of themselves possible, and turn their lives into a living masterpiece.

Tanya’s Topics of


You CAN Overcome Adversity:
Why The Greatest Chapter Of Your Life Is NOW And How To Make It Happen

How to Go from Grief to Greatness After Losing a Loved One:
The Groundbreaking Tools To Find Meaning, Joy & Peace After A Devastating Loss

Mastering Resilience So You Live Life To The Fullest:
(No Matter What Life Throws Your Way)

Will You Ever Love Again?
The Secrets To Finding Love Later in Life

Facing Your Unplanned Journey:
How To Overcome Darkness, Find Purpose, Experience Joy, And Create A Shining Legacy In The Last-Stage Of Life

When Addiction Masks your Pain: 
How To Overcome Addiction to Food and Alcohol when these substances have taken over.



Tanya’s team can be contacted for media and speaking opportunities at:
+64 274 17 17 19

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Discover how to anchor profound peace while navigating life’s most pivotal transition