How Spirituality Transforms Our Journey

Tanya Unkovich Grief Expert image. Transformational Life Coach

Why surrendering to a Higher Power when facing death is a gift that changes your life.

Imagine there was something that could instantly turn your fear of dying into certainty and peace?

Imagine the comfort of having a deep spiritual belief that a beautiful life exists just beyond this one?

How would that change your journey in this last stage of life?

Would you feel hope? Joy? Certainty?

Tapping Into The Grace Of Surrender

Whether you believe in God, a Higher Power, or don’t believe in anything at all, it’s normal to explore spiritual questions when you’re facing the end of your life (or that of a loved one).

A terminal diagnosis can dramatically accelerate a spiritual awakening. Simply the act of being open and willing to pray or meditate— to instantly shift from fear, uncertainty and discomfort into peace and stillness— can transform every moment of the rest of this life.

How? Through the grace of spiritual surrender. 

By falling on your knees and placing your life in your Higher Power’s hands, you begin to feel boundless comfort and support. Surrender allows you to let go of the smallness in life, and embrace the sacred power of what is.  It’s limitless love that turns the unmanageable into the bearable. 

And when you’re facing a terminal diagnosis, this can make all the difference. 

Instead of facing your passing with fear and anger, you’re strengthened by a faith that a Divine force is caring for you in a perfectly orchestrated manner. There’s something greater than you that can take this trauma out of your hands. 

This is the greatest comfort we can experience during life’s most difficult trials. We need to know we’re not alone. That we’re loved and supported through and through.

If you’re struggling to feel this level of peace, this is the perfect time to surrender. Now is the moment to accept that you can’t do this all on your own.

Because God, as you understand Him, is always ready to take the reins on your behalf.

Spirituality Is Yours To Define

At first, the act of surrender might seem confusing.

But what makes spirituality astounding is that it’s yours. You don’t need to master it. You don’t need to get it ‘right.’ This is your journey. You simply need to discover what it means for you, and live it one day at a time.

You’ll know you’ve come to a place of spiritual surrender when you’re driven to explore deeper. You’re not afraid to go within. You’ll be willing to look at yourself, warts and all, and face your voyage to the beyond.

That’s the beauty spirituality offers us all.

With this connection to Divinity, you’ll be uplifted by a power so strong, so miraculous, so loving, it supports you without question in evey way you need.

Which Means You Get To Decide How To Connect With Your Higher Power

There are no rules for connecting with the sacred. 

Many people find their God by sitting in silence, praying or learning how to meditate. Some walk in nature, listen to music, or explore different forms of art. Many others connect with their understanding of God through writing. That’s their version of prayer. 

Whatever method is right for you, your Higher Power will lovingly accept everything you offer, no matter how fearful, angry or anxious you feel. This is your special time to go within and share your deepest concerns, thoughts and wishes. 

You’ll also discover this isn’t just a one-way conversation. Awakening this connection opens your intuition, allowing you to recognize those astonishing moments when the divine is speaking to you.

Spirituality Offers A Transformation For Everyone In Your Life

Although this journey is yours and yours alone, your loved ones can also be changed by a Higher Power. 

Imagine how beautiful it would be if everyone in your life said, ‘God, thy will be done,’ knowing your life was being taken for a higher purpose— for the greater good of mankind. 

And that your passing is going to change peoples’ lives, whether through a book you write or the people you love. With this deep wellspring of wisdom, knowing your life is being used to make this world better becomes more than enough.

What a different journey that would be; taking your last breath and knowing deep in your soul that your life truly mattered.

Spirituality Also Helps Us Remember What We’ve Forgot

Through this fast-paced modern world, we often forget the divine truth about ourselves.

This is your unique journey, and ever-deepening peace and dignity is available to you in every moment through the power of grace. 

But, if you’re struggling to find serenity during this difficult time, I understand and I’d be honored to help. I work with people in the last stage of life, helping them spiritually surrender so they leave this Earth with hope in their hearts and peace in their souls. 

You don’t have to bear this burden on your own. Let’s have a conversation that makes this final chapter one of your greatest.

If you would like to watch a short video where I talk about this topic simply click here.