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If you're facing a major life challenge - it’s normal to feel angry, overwhelmed, and alone.

But the darkness doesn’t have to be your home.

Tanya Unkovich

You can find peace and fulfilment .
You can live every day to the fullest.
No matter what you are facing, you can find meaning and purpose again.
Let me show you how

Tanya Unkovich

Questions TO HELP YOU move forward in life

Discover how to use the power of great questions to help you navigate some of life's biggest journey's

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Hi, I’m Tanya.

I’m happy you’re here— but I’m sorry you’re going through this painful experience right now. You likely never thought you’d need the kind of help I offer, but I want you to know you’re in the right place.

As a personal mentor and grief specialist, I’ve helped countless people facing major adversity, or their loves ones, transform their pain in to peaceful fulfilment. 

This time in your life, doesn’t have to be devastating. No matter what you are going through in your life, even if it is the end stage of your life, you CAN live in a beautiful space of calm and clarity; a place with no room for regrets. 

Fear can become dignity.

Heartache can become hope.

Overwhelm can become clarity and direction.

Grief can become greatness, (whatever that means for you).

I know, because I suffered many adversities, and then a major loss that shattered my world to pieces and took me on an Unplanned Journey. Un the end, I found a way to reach the other side, stronger and brighter than ever.

Life Is Meant For


You CAN be a miracle in this world— one that touches hearts and blazes bright. 

My bespoke, personalised approach guides you through a spectacular journey of self-discovery, healing, forgiveness, and inner-peace, so you’re living with joy and deeper purpose. Your legacy breathes to life.

Whether you’re facing the great unknown— your Unplanned Journey— or struggling to move forward after a life altering event, then I’ll help you triumph so you wake up every day with grace, hope, and blissful inspiration.

A Triumph In Life And Death

Unplanned Journey: A Triumph In Life And Death is a book for grieving people, their loved ones, and everyone wanting to find purpose and meaning when there seems to be none.

Tanya Unkovich. Unplanned Journey Book
“This is one of the most moving and courageous stories I have ever read. The experience of watching the love of your life die must be extraordinarily harrowing. The fact that both Tanya and her husband documented what they were going through during his last days must surely be the staunchest gift to anyone else facing the same experience. This is a love story beyond parallel.”

Ann Andrews
Author, CSP

“I couldn’t put it down. This book is as real and raw as they come. Tanya bares all and takes you on her very personal journey through loss, darkness, and depression and shares how she crawled back into the light. Truly a celebration in the resilience of the human spirit, a lesson we can all learn from.”

Michele Comeau

MY journey from grief to greatness

Discover how to anchor profound peace while navigating life’s most pivotal transition

Tanya Unkovich

“I would highly recommend Tanya Unkovich to all who experience crises in their life or a difficult life transition, or to those who know that there is more to life, but don’t quite know how to get there.”


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